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New Shoring

Manufacturing trend “new-shoring” - creating new jobs closer to home We pride ourselves on our products that are ‘Made-in-Britain’ and in the last 12 months have won a project that had previously only been made abroad. A company came to us with a product issue. The steel assemblies they required, which had always been made [...]

Tailor Made

We received a drawing of a Spacer Plate at 9am on Friday followed by a phone call stating that our customer required 200off by Monday AM. YPL pulled out all the stops and delivered 1127off plates to the customer by 2pm that same day (just 5 hours later!). With a follow on order for a further 5000off by the end of [...]

Post Brexit Boom

Every working day since the result of the Brexit became known the sales intake for YPL has more than doubled on average for the past 2 weeks. On one day it was even up by 900%!  Current customers doubling the usual orders, enquiries coming to fruition and older customers ordering parts not seen for over [...]

Manufacturing Achievement Award for Yeoman Pressings Ltd

Yeoman Pressings Ltd were delighted to receive their Manufacturing Achievement Award on Friday 19th October 2012. The Company has been turned around from Administration to present day investing 225k in new machinery and we are pleased to announce that we have just taken on our first apprentice and hope to take on more in the [...]

Yeoman Pressings Ltd – Staff Loyalty

Yeoman Pressings value the importance of their employees and proof of this is highlighted in the fact that their 35 employees have clocked up a total of 382 years of service based on the year people started to 2016. We have many family members working together as part of our team and we rarely have to advertise [...]

Yeoman Pressings 1st Octogenarian Employee!

Recently at Yeoman Pressings we had the pleasure of celebrating the 80th Birthday of one of our much loved employees, Brian Baker. Brian has been with Yeoman Pressings since May 2000 and always gives 100% in his role within Quality Assurance and has steered us well in the past with his vast knowledge in this [...]

Investment Pays Off

Investment paying off as orders boom for Yeoman Pressings A Coseley pressings sub-contracting firm’s brave commitment to step up investment in new equipment ahead of the end of the recession has paid off. Yeoman Pressings on the Cannon Business Park in Gough Road has invested £750,000 since February 2012 on machines. Things are now going [...]