We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality service.

We will manage our activities and associated resources as a series of planned processes to produce the right product, at the right time with minimum wastage, while seeking to maximise efficiency. Our individual processes will be structured into a documented Quality Management System which meets the requirements for ISO BS EN 9001:2015 and you can be assured of our exceptional standards, and with our teams long experience you know your project is in great hands. We have total commitment to this system which forms the framework for all company activities and processes.

We are proud of our work. All of our processes are under one factory roof, ensuring the highest standard of expertise and excellence for your project.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of the products and services that we provide and to the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. We will set clear quality objectives and monitor progress towards their successful achievement.

Our flexible approach also means we can obtain specific industry standard accreditations as necessary. For example, one of our recent clients required us to pass a German VDE accreditation which we did with flying colours.

And with our Design-to-Product Solution, you will be able to badge your product as the highly prized ‘made and assembled in Britain’.

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